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The links on this page are to other articles about the Peckham Experiment and reviews of some of the books about the Peckham Experiment, and to Withymoor : A Health Hive

You may download a copy of the winning entry for earlier years below

2009/2010 by Sumi Hollingworth here

2010/2011 by Emily Charkin here

2011/2012 by Magda Zasada here

Health through Community Co-operation - Alex Samuel, The Lancet, vol 349, March 15 1997, discussing research undertaken by the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University on community well-being centres.

. A Review of Creative Arts in. Primary Health Care. Professor Keith Tones and Professor Jackie Green supported by the NHS Executive, available here as a PDF for download.

A version of Withymoor : A Health Hive readable on this website is under construction and will be available shortly

Reviews of The Peckham Experiment

Reviews of Being Me and Also Us by Alison Stallibrass

Review of The Quality of Life. The Peckham Approach to Human Ethology

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